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Why did I start formulating my own skin care?

Written by Anchor & Blend


Posted on March 29 2020

Let’s just say it’s twofold of why I began formulating my own skin care. Since 2006 I’ve been in the pharmacy field, first starting out as a compounding pharmacy technician for a local Idaho pharmacy and then onto pharmacy school. After becoming a pharmacist, I worked for a local compounding pharmacy in Arizona making infusion and nuclear medications and now in Hawaii working with another local compounding infusion pharmacy. Obviously, I like to be a part of local companies. 😊  These experiences have given me extensive knowledge on how to make effective medications, so I’ve decided to turn that knowledge towards skin care products.

Reason one for formulating my own skincare? I want to pick my own ingredients and use combinations differently than what I see on the market.  This began as I was searching for a facial oil to use. Everything I found either didn’t have the right amount (or it was unknown of the % of active ingredient) or was missing some beneficial botanical oils that I know potentially would be great for my skin. This isn’t to say there are not good products out on the market, there are many high quality ones, it’s just that honestly very few of them excite me. So many have just grapeseed and/or jojoba oil. Good botanical oils, but where’s the plum oil or pomegranate seed oil or pumpkin seed oil? This got me thinking, why not make my own?

So now the second reason? I like being creative. It brings me a lot of joy to create and then share with others. Like cooking a fantastic meal for friends and family and seeing everyone enjoying the food and going back for seconds. My wish is for you to enjoy what I create and may it bring you as much happiness as it does for me. Mahalo for stopping by and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about new products and upcoming sales.